Over a number of years Loughborough University has developed world-leading expertise in modelling material structures for application in the high-temperature stages of gas turbine engines. Through their modelling capability the Loughborough team is able to devise material systems for the coatings of high-pressure turbine blades, identifying new coating recipes with improved performance. Small improvements in high-temperature performance can have a huge impact on cost savings, in terms of engine efficiency and fuel savings, as well as emissions reduction and engine life.

daVinci Ventures was engaged to assess the market potential for high-temperature coatings in order to inform the next stage of the commercialisation process. Through an interview and desk-based programme we identified the range of applications, established the scale of the global market opportunity and quantified the benefits of improved coating performance. We were able to get to key decision makers in the industry and determine the main issues that would be critical to developing a new coating. From this work we were able to make recommendations about how best to commercialise the research.

Graham Carlin, Commercialisation Manager, said “daVinci Ventures provided Loughborough University with a clear and comprehensive market analysis report. Working with the company has been a smooth, professional and enjoyable experience. Loughborough University Enterprise Office would not hesitate to use daVinci Ventures for future consultancy projects.”