In 2007 a group of researchers from the Aon Benfield Hazard Research Centre at UCL set up a new spin-out to provide meteorological services to the insurance industry. The services are targeted at reducing the operational costs and risks of severe storms.

European windstorms cost the insurance industry billions of pounds each season. So the industry is constantly on the look out for innovative new ways to manage this risk. Using sophisticated models to analyse weather station data EuroTempest helps insurers manage their capital resources and operational response in the event of a storm.

Having established its business around early sales, EuroTempest engaged daVinci Ventures to help drive sales growth. By providing advice on sales strategy, sales training and mentoring as well as direct involvement in building relationships with key customers, daVinci has helped the company build a strong sales pipeline and presence in the European market.

For more information take a look at the EuroTempest site.