Ultrasound mediated drug delivery using microbubbles is an established method of getting therapeutic agents to difficult targets. However one of the main challenges with microbubble sonoporation is that the concentration and dwell time of microbubbles and drug carrier in the target region must be sufficiently high for effective delivery.

A group of researchers at University College London has shown that combining ultrasound and a magnetic field to control magnetic microbubbles (microbubbles loaded with magnetic nanoparticles) leads to a significant improvement in permeability compared to using ultrasound microbubbles alone. Specifically, the researchers have demonstrated that the combination of ultrasound and a magnetic field can significantly enhance transfection of genetic material across the cell boundary in-vivo.

When it needed help to formalise the engagement with industry the team turned to daVinci Ventures. In parallel with carrying out a survey of activity in the field we approached a number of commercial partners and were able to narrow down specific applications and targets, preparing the ground for detailed partnering discussions. With the technical programme now steered towards meeting industry needs the team is a step closer to getting its innovation to the marketplace.